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Managing your business can be a constant worry, especially in an environment that is increasingly litigious and regulated. We pride ourselves on tailoring insurance into your business rather than trying to fit your business into an insurance product.

Our specialist Financial Institutions team provides bespoke risk solutions for the financial services industry. We provide cover that is robust in an unpredictable world. Our approach allows us to deliver the vision, understanding and innovation that helps ensure your insurance policies are cohesive, bespoke, straightforward and cost effective. Our people take time to appreciate your business to gain a detailed understanding necessary in today’s market.

Our clients range from boutique advisory firms to some of the UK's most prestigious financial institutions.

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Our Commercial team can provide you with expertise in designing an insurance solution.

A successful risk and insurance strategy encompasses the most cost-effective programme structure together with supporting and reinstating your business effectively in the event of a loss.

Our aim is to create a bespoke, flexible and comprehensive insurance product that meets your needs, but also embraces your future growth and strategy direction.

Combined Commercial Insurance provides comprehensive business cover in a single policy. This is primarily designed for small businesses, engineers, manufacturers and wholesalers and is a manageable and cost effective way to safeguard against all aspects of business risk.

Policies are tailored to individual company needs, but typically include cover for:

  • Employers' liability: required by UK law if you employ staff.
  • Public and products liability.
  • Material damage, burglary and theft.
  • Business interruption.
  • Stock and goods in transit.
  • Money: either held on the premises or by an authorised employee.


We can provide competitive insurance quotes for all types of business and commercial enterprise, from 'off the shelf' products for sole traders and small businesses to 'tailored' insurance packages for more complex corporate needs.



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Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI) is one of the most inventive classes of insurance. As claims for professional negligence against businesses continues to rise so does the need to ensure you have the broadest policies available – cover that protects your business and your reputation in equal measure.

If you provide professional services it is possible you can find yourself in a dispute with your clients and others who claim damages allegedly caused by your failure to meet their expectations or the legal standard of care.

Professional firms have to defend themselves even when such claims have little or no merit and may even find that a settlement is preferable to the uncertainty and expense of protracted litigation.

Our PI brokers are able to provide you with the expert support, advice and service expected of a bespoke broker together with a personal touch.

We are recognised for our expertise across Professional Indemnity. We have direct access to the London Market underwriters, in and outside Lloyd's of London, allowing us to cover your overseas risks and global programmes.

Many of our accounts have been built on the back of our strong personal relationships that were formed many years ago and have continued to this day, due to the trust and confidence that we sustain with our business partners both in the UK and Australia.

We take time to understand your business: it's part of our whole approach to all our client relationships - and it pays dividends. The more we understand the business and insurance risks, the more our clients will benefit from working with an insurance broking partner who can deliver a competitive, efficient and innovative insurance solution.


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Blackmore Borley Limited prides itself in working closely with a number of different and specialist industries and professions that do not fit into any particular area, but need bespoke insurance solutions to allow them to trade in tough economic circumstances.

Our clients benefit from working with an insurance broking partner who can deliver bespoke, competitive, and innovative insurance products that respond effectively.

Many of our clients have approached us as we have the expertise and talent to think 'outside of the box'.

We enjoy the challenge of creating insurance products that are new to the market and the evidence of this is shown with the success of our sister companies; Warranty & Indemnity Limited and Randell Dorling Limited who run specialised Insurance schemes for a number of associations.


Our clients include:
  • Environmental Consultants
  • SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)
  • Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences
  • Consultancy Services
  • Energy
  • Aviation
  • Construction
  • Technology
  • Commercial
  • Speciality

Financial Advisers

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Over the past few years Professional Indemnity (PI) insurers have seen a significant increase in the number of claims / circumstances against Financial Advisers. Insurers are paying an increasing amount of claims and this has resulted in PI premiums continuing to rise along with more exclusions being imposed upon the insured. Whilst some firms may continue to secure steady premium rates their cover maybe reduced significantly which could have a greater impact on business than escalating premiums.

Financial Advisers are finding it extremely challenging to find affordable PI that offers an appropriate level of cover for their business. The industry has greatly improved its Risk Management procedures since the impact of the Retail Distribution Review (RDR)  but insurers continue to settle claims from historic business written by Financial Advisers.
Blackmore Borley is an independent Specialist Lloyd’s Broker who understands the challenges faced by Financial Advisers. We pride ourselves with providing our clients with an independent bespoke and personalised insurance broking service. Every business is unique and has different risks. We provide clients with flexible innovative insurance solutions that understands the climate of the Financial Advisory industry, rather than trying to fit every business into traditional insurance products.

We are committed to building long-term relationships between our clients and their insurers. Through mutual trust and understanding of each party’s business we will create and facilitate this relationship into a successful partnership that responds effectively when required.

Please contact Lee Chapman on 0207 929 4616 to discuss your requirements further.

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Mortgage Brokers

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All Mortgage Intermediaries Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI) cover is regarded as a specialist area. Mortgage Intermediaries have seen an increase in claims frequency over the past few years. This increased frequency has seen the cover available in the market reduce significantly with exclusions being added to the cover available. The recent Mortgage Market Review has resulted in a significant change in the way Mortgage Intermediaries operate and this should have an impact on the terms and conditions offered to you at your insurance renewal.

Blackmore Borley is an independent specialist Lloyd’s Broker. We provide a bespoke and personalised service that takes your unique needs into consideration. We can offer insurance solutions for small Mortgage Brokers to large networks and other financial intermediaries. Blackmore Borley takes pride in delivering an innovative approach that looks to build an insurance policy around your business rather than fitting your company into a traditional insurance product.

Please contact Lee Chapman on 0207 929 4616 to discuss further.

Our Products include:

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