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When you take on employee you hope they will become part of your team, helping you to reach your business goals. While that is the case for most workers, sometimes it doesn’t pan out and sometimes things can escalate further.

It can be hard to imagine that any of your people would commit a crime against your company; however, it happens more often than you think. Even if you have robust controls and processes in place, sometimes a fraudulent activity can slip through the net. There have been cases of employees taking huge sums of money or information from their employer, including stealing data, forging accounts, generating false invoices and faking expenses.

These fraudulent acts could not only harm the financial health of your company, they could also have a negative impact on your reputation, especially if client data is involved. Crime Insurance can be a lifeline if you find yourself the victim of fraud.

If your staff handle sensitive data or finances, while you may not want to think about it, there is always a risk of crime.

Unfortunately, some people are looking to exploit their employer, while others may find themselves in a tricky situation where they feel the only way out is to steal from their job. No matter the circumstances, one large case of fraudulent activity could bankrupt your company.

Depending on the level of cover you need, a Crime Insurance policy could offer coverage for employee dishonesty, theft of capital and client property, and forgery.

Our professionals at Blackmore Borley Ltd know that employee crime is a sensitive subject. We always put the customer first. In your initial meeting, we’ll listen to your business operations and requirements, so we fully understand your specific level of risk. Call the team on 0207 929 4616 to discuss your options.

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