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Your people are the heartbeat of your business. However, employing workers comes with its complexities. On top general considerations, such as payroll and working arrangements, there is the ever-evolving intricacy of employment law. This is where Employment Practices Liability Insurance comes in.

Many Government acts now exist to ensure workers are treated fairly, giving employees the right to claim if they are or feel they are being treated unfairly. Disputes could be lodged against a company on the grounds of holiday and sickness entitlements, trade union membership rights, disability or wage disputes, invasion of privacy, sexual harassment, emotional distress, false imprisonment, maternity or paternity pay and flexible working arrangements.

Employment disputes can not only be a confusing and lengthy process for employers, but they can also have huge monetary implications. Employment Practices Liability Insurance can protect you against the financial impact of a claim.

We’ve worked with countless businesses to ensure they are fully protected against any disputes employees bring against them. Our clients repeatedly choose BBL as their broker, so you know you’re in safe hands.

Workers are increasingly becoming aware of their rights, and as a result more employers are turning to Employment Practices Liability Insurance for protection. It can provide peace of mind by protecting businesses against any legal action brought against them by an employee.

At Blackmore Borley Ltd, we don’t believe in over complicating things. Employment law is tricky enough as it is. We’ll assess your risks before recommending a policy we think meets your business needs, so you can focus on doing what you do best – providing an excellent service for your clients and looking after your people.

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