Professional Indemnity Insurance with added IR35 Protection


What is Recruiters’ Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Most, if not all, professional indemnity insurance policies currently exclude any tax related claims.  With the introduction of the new IR35 requirements for contractors in April 2021 most recruiters face immense uncertainty when dealing with contractors outside IR35. Consequently, Blackmore Borley worked with Lloyd’s of London to create a broad Professional Indemnity policy with a separate limit allocated to those claims relating to IR35 disputes with HMRC or their clients.

This policy offers the following

  • For firms with a turnover up to £20,000,00 premium indications can be sought via our website. 
  • Firms with Turnovers over £20,000 can also be quoted but not via the website.
  • Broad policy wording
  • Aggregate limit plus one reinstatement, of up to £2,000,000 via our website.
  • Legal Costs in addition to the limit purchased.
  • Low self-insured retentions
  • Competitive premiums.
  • Subject to the contract being independently verified to be “outside IR35” a £25,000 aggregate limit is included in all policies. This limit maybe increased up to £100,000 in the aggregate.

Recruiters & IR35

How do you get a premium indication?

We always welcome the ability to talk and hopefully meet our clients so we offer the following options:

  • Call us on 0207 929 4616 or
  • email us on
  • Or Complete the 1 minute online quick quote

The Quick Quote will give you an immediate premium indication. If you wish to proceed simply supply some further details and a confirmed offer of terms can be offered within 72 working hours.

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