Directors’ & Officers’ Insurance


While having seniority can be both rewarding and a career highlight, it puts your directors and officers at a higher risk.

We all know that mistakes happen, and even the most senior of staff aren’t immune from making errors. However, the more responsibility you have within a company the more the mistake can have serious consequences. If your directors or officers commit a ‘wrongful act’, even if it was unintentional or unforeseeable, they could become personally liable for their actions.

Management teams are often under pressure. Directors and Officers Insurance can help to take the stress away if a claim is made against them.

What is Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Insurance (D&O)?

A simple description of D&O policy is that understanding that a director and/or an officer of the Insured company has a “duty of care” to manage the company, be it private or public. in a fit and proper manner.  A D&O policy insures the resulting legal costs and resulting liabilities incurred by a director and/or officer during an allegation that such a service is deemed to have breached this “duty of care”.

A director or officer is a person who acts in a directorial position whether be it in name or by their actions.

This policy is a “claims made” policy so any insured act/claim needs to be committed and made during the current period of insurance.

For a more detailed description please call us or seek a copy of the appropriate policy wording.

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