Public Liability


Protect your business from expensive third-party liability claims. Blackmore Borley Ltd are here to provide legal, financial and protect your reputation.

Public Liability Insurance protects you from claims alleging bodily injury or property damage or even death to members of the public. These could be your customers, visitors to your premises or even ‘passers-by’ who may be in the wrong place at the wrong time! These claims will not only result in significant cost but also consume valuable time to resolve and limit the reputational damage.

That’s why it is essential to protect your company with the highest quality of insurance from a provider that specialises in public liability issues. We will translate the insurance and legal jargon and offer clients-centric, bespoke, and personalised support every step of the way.

By adopting a different approach with our clients’ insurance, we can find the best policy to suit your corporate needs.

What is Public Liability Insurance (PL)?

A simple description of a PL policy insures the resulting financial loss to a third party’s property or person caused by an individual or employee of the insured company or household.

This is a “losses occurring” policy so any claim will revert to the policy that was in place at the time of the loss originally occurred.

This policy only covers activities related to those described by the insured when purchasing was purchased.  It does not cover any road traffic related circumstances.

Due to its relatively cheap cost insurers often offer this compulsory insurance in conjunction with an office policy.

For a more detailed description please call us or seek a copy of the appropriate policy wording.

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