Contract All Risk Insurance


As a construction specialist, you’ll know that any building site comes with a high level of risk, from loss and damage to unforeseen accidents.

A Contracts All Risk Insurance policy can cover your back if something were to happen over the course of your construction or development project. Typically, Contracts All Risk Insurance is split into either Contracts Works or Plant and Machinery protection, both of which can include Public Liability and Employers’ Liability Insurance.

At Blackmore Borley Ltd, our team of specialists will assess your individual risks, looking at the type of construction work you carry out and the sites you work on in order to recommend the best policy for your business.

We don’t believe in overcomplicating things. We like to provide our clients with a clear-cut solution and service. If you have a particularly complex set-up, we’ll always look at different angles and avenues to make sure you’re getting the best cover, but we’ll never speak in jargon.

Contract Works

While you’re carrying out a contract, you could incur a financial loss. For example, if a boiler you’ve fitted is stolen before your work is complete, you could be responsible for a replacement. Another possible instance is if you’re part way through building a new structure and it catches fire, you would likely have to pay any rebuild costs, both for labour and materials. A Contract Works Insurance policy can cover the costs of any damage that occurs while you’re working on a site.

Plant and Machinery

For many firms, the equipment they use is vital for them to be able to undertake their work. Whether you’re using your own machinery and tools or have hired them, we can tailor-make Plant and Machinery protection to cover either the main contractor or subcontractor. Our Contractors All Risks insurance policy can also provide protection for either party against the cost of damage to or loss of any equipment or machinery.

The Blackmore Borley Ltd team is here to help. To discuss a Contracts All Risks policy or any of your insurance needs, speak to one of our professionals today by calling 0207 929 4616.

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