Political instability and social unrest across the world have frequently been in the news in recent years. In the current climate, terrorism is a real risk for many businesses and individuals.

Acts of terrorism have been a wake-up call not only to governments, but also to organisations and insurers. The unpredictability and widespread effects of terrorism can affect a vast variety of businesses, such as high street retailers, hotels and tour operators.

However, in the wake of the recent events, insurers are often excluding terrorism cover from many standard policies. A standalone Terrorism Insurance policy can protect your business in event of an attack. At Blackmore Borley Ltd, our team are trained to assess your business risks to recommend a bespoke solution for your business.

We understand that the present landscape can be frightening. We’re here to support you all the way.

While we may not want to think about it, unfortunately, the risk of terrorism is real for every business and individual. Your business may not be directly affected or targeted by an attack, however indirect circumstances can also cause business interruption. For example, an incident a few streets away could result in a sharp decline in footfall to your company premises.

A standalone Terrorism policy can cover you for both indirect and direct interruptions to your business, protecting you against a number of terrorism and political violence incidents, including sabotage; strikes or riots; civil war or unrest; nuclear, biological, chemical or radiological threats.

No matter the level of risk you face, our team will work with you to assess your business needs to give you a sense of security. To discuss your policy needs, call one of our specialists today on 0207 929 4616.

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